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Updated: Nov 16, 2020

WOAH, that's right gang, I have a website now!!! Going forward this site will sort of act as my professional costuming hub in a way, and I hope to be able to use it to show off both cosplay and other costuming and sewing work on here from now on!! Obviously my Instagram and Twitter are still VERY much places where you can follow me to see new stuff first, but this site will function as a place to keep all of my best work (that isn't protected by NDAs anyway) in one easily accessible place!

My blog on here will also be a place to post and archive any and all announcements ging forward regarding opening commissions and new additions to the shop in the future as well, which will be excellent because now I won't be limited by Twitter's tiny character limit or the whims of Instagram's algorithm! If I come out with any freebies or little tutorials in the future I plan to put them on here as well, and I may also transfer some of my progress logs over from Twitter as well in the future so that they are easy to find!

Anyways, I am currently finishing smashing together the Etsy thumbnails for Howl's pattern, which is great news for all of the lovely folks that have supported me in this endeavor and great news for me because I am starting to see the Adobe Illustrator user interface in my dreams at night!! So expect a post here when that goes live, and I'll also link Kirsty's Sophie Hatter pattern as well when that's up! Get HYPED

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