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Store update: Howl (Studio Ghibli) Sewing Pattern NOW LIVE!

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

My Howl’s Moving Castle inspired pattern is LIVE!!! The PDF pattern for his jacket and shirt in sizes XS to XL is finally up on my Etsy store, which can be found by clicking HERE!!

This pattern was really fun to make and I’m so blessed to have collaborated again with the incredibly talented Kirsty (@indigo_jinjo on Instagram) who made Sophie Hatter’s dress to match (and it’s on sale until November 14th at 5:00 am PST too)!

I also need to give my SUPER special thanks to @dubsilein (on Instagram) for proofreading as well, I couldn’t have done this without you either!!

As for future pattern plans, I’m still prioritizing commissions at the moment and I’m keeping myself open to changes in my work schedule as well so I can’t make any hard timeline promises, however I do have a Timeskip Claude from FE3H about halfway graded (I’ve already made him in two different sizes after all!) so you can absolutely expect that at some point in the future!!


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