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Freebie: Jeanne (Bayonetta) Back Applique Vector Pattern

I've been working on a commission of Jeanne's outfit from the first Bayonetta game and I just got to the point where I had to figure out how to do the detail on the back and legs of her bodysuit. Machine embroidery was something I wanted to avoid due to all the things that could go wrong using it on spandex, so I wound up making a vector template for myself for the detail on the back and legs of her bodysuit based on some concept art! This way, I have a clean version to reference, as well as so I could cut it out using my Cricut maker!

I did a couple of tests where I zigzagged some pieces of a different red spandex onto some scrap fabric after securing them with some light heat-n-bond, and it seemed to look pretty good! I wanted to avoid going to the store to pick up red heat transfer vinyl since Covid-19 cases are rising and Michaels is a PVP zone, but I'm sure that you could cut the design out of some of that as well. You would just have to make sure it's the kind that will stretch along with your fabric and do some tests with it before putting it on the real bodysuit!

This pattern is a freebie since it didn't require as much cleanup as Edelgard's Adrestian Eagle, which I had to redraw most of in order to optimize it for cutting machines as opposed to this one, where the reference was very clear and the design wasn't anywhere near as complex. Therefore, I've decided to release it into the world for free instead because there's no sense in keeping it to myself, so hopefully some of you out there can use it!

Jeanne- Back and leg detail-20201116T214
Download • 2.29MB


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