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Hey there! My name is Julianna Franchini (She/Her), though you might know me better as Cubey! 
I make costumes, and sometimes I wear them.



I graduated from Capilano University's Costuming for Stage and Screen program in 2017 and I have experience working in the wardrobe department on multiple shows for IATSE, ACFC, and independent filmmakers alike.

My specialization is sewing, cutting, and costume building, as well as designing shows and individual costumes. However, I also enjoy branching out and have worked in almost every branch of the costume department from prep to dyeing and breakdown! 

I have made a name for myself on social media in the world of cosplay and recently pattern digitizing as well, and commissions have turned into what I do when I'm between union shows! I love cosplay because it gives me the opportunity to expand my skills as a costume technician and experiment with techniques that I would normally not be able to, and I am so grateful that I was able to make it a part of my career moving forward as a costume designer!



Panels and Education

I'll impart some costume wisdom!

Convention Cosplay Guest

I'll sit in a booth and look pretty!

Contest Judging and Organization

I'll judge your cosplays, not your face!

Media Appearances and Interviews

I'll talk about costumes in your article or podcast!

Sponsored Social Media Posts

I'll talk about your product in exchange for dollars!



Check out my costume work here!

Full Portfolio
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Looking for a cosplay panels for your convention or event? Here are some of the ones I do, from educational lectures and workshops, to the more casual and fun variety. I am also open to collaborating with other guests, as well as coming up with custom ones to suit your own event!

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Dirty Paintbrushes

Please Don't Drive Over Your Cosplay With  A Truck: A Weathering Panel

Lecture-style with Q+A

An exciting flyover of all kinds of things you can do to weather your cosplays, whether it's extreme holes and rips or just subtly adding dimension! A panel great for both novices and experienced cosplayers who are eager to learn not just what you can do to weather a costume, but why it's a great tool for adding character and life to your costumes!


Interested in working with me? Send a message here! (Note: Cosplay commission inquiries are closed. I apologize for the inconvenience!)

Thanks for submitting!

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