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The Deliniator (October 1904)- FULL vintage magazine scan! (Download link)

Some of you who follow me on Twitter may remember this, but I'm SO psyched to finally be posting a download of the full, 194 page digital searchable copy of the Edwardian women's magazine that I found a couple of months ago: The Deliniator Volume LXIV from October 1904!

There's not only tons of information inside about what the idealized life of a person living in North America during the 20th century might have been, but also recipes, short stories, old timey Halloween activities, some color fashion illustrations that are in fantastic shape, tons of vintage ads (Edwardians sure love their underwear and pianos), beautiful artwork on basically every page, art nouveau borders on everything, and even a section I like to refer to as "The Motherlode", which starts on page 177 and includes over 200 front and back illustrations of basically every piece of women's and children's clothing from the period that you could ever ask for!

Since this magazine was published in 1904, it is 100% in the public domain, which means that you are able to do whatever you want with the content inside without paying royalties! that all historians, artists, writers, costume and character designers, and otherwise interested people have easy access to an incredible primary source! That being said, you can't just put a 117-year old magazine on a regular scanner and expect it to not completely fall apart, so I took it into a professional scanning house where the people there are specifically trained to handle fragile documents such as this, and it wound up costing around $250 for this magazine to be scanned alone!

Because of these factors, I have decided to distribute it as a "pay what you want" item on my Ko-Fi, and yes, even if you just want to pay zero dollars, that's totally awesome too and I'm glad that more folks are able to have this awesome resource to pull from! However, every little bit helps to offset the cost of digitally preserving this piece of history, and is very much appreciated!!!

DISCLAIMER: This is an almost 120 year old magazine, and while many of the illustrations are beautiful, it was primarily made with a middle class white audience in mind. As such, there are at least two advertisements that I've personally found so far while skimming the book that depict racist caricatures of Black and Native American people, with the one particularly egregious example on page 157 of the PDF. I've decided to leave these pages in because pretending that these depictions never existed doesn't help anyone, and I encourage anyone reading the content in this magazine (and any historical document!) to do so with a critical eye, as it's important to acknowledge both the good and the ugly.

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